Athletic Handbook

2015-2016 Greenon Athletic Handbook


The administrative head of the school (Principal) shall be held responsible for all matters which concerns the interscholastic athletic program. The Athletic Director is the Principal’s representative in matters concerning the athletic program. The Athletic Director or Principal must make all contacts with the commissioners of OHSAA, in reference to questions concerning the school district.


The privilege to participate in our athletic program is extended to all students providing they are willing to assume certain responsibilities. A student’s greatest responsibility is to be a credit to their parents, school and community.

All Athletes must adhere to the following:
1. Display high standards of social behavior.
2. Display outstanding sportsmanship.
3. Display proper respect for those in authority, including teachers, coaches and officials.
4. Display a real spirit of cooperation.
5. Dress appropriately when attending athletic contest at home or away.
6. Use language, which is socially acceptable. Profanity or vulgar talk will not be tolerated on or off the field.
7. Strive for achievement to the best of your abilities.
8. Display the qualities of commitment, hard work, loyalty, and pride.

Athletes, trainers, managers, cheerleaders, statisticians or any actively involved participants of the Greenon Local School District are direct representatives of their schools and will be expected to conduct themselves in a way that will gain respect for both themselves and their schools. Representing their schools as athletes is a privilege, not a right, available to those who have the will and desire to live by training rules. A well-disciplined athlete accepts this as fact and abides by it.

In accordance, the Greenon Local Schools believe that the use or sale of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and synthetic mood-changing substances have no place in its athletic programs.

The Extracurricular Code of Conduct is enforceable year round, which includes all district holidays and vacations (24 hours per day, 365 days per year). Once these rules have been placed in your possession and have been reviewed by a school staff member, the Extra-curricular Code of Conduct is in effect for your entire athletic career in the Greenon Local School District. Your possession of these rules constitutes a first warning; no further warnings will be given to you. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these rules and the consequences of violating them.


The Board of Education, the Administration, and the Athletic Department feel that the following regulations are a vital part of any athletic program. These rules will help create better teams, proper attitudes, better school and community spirit, and help the community take pride in their sports teams.

Coaches may establish additional rules and regulations with the approval of the Athletic Director and the Principal. These additional rules for a particular sport must be stipulated in writing to all team members and parents and explained fully at the start of the season. Penalties for violation of rules will also be in writing and shall be administered by the coach. Copies of all additional team rules by coaches are on
file in the athletic office.

Athletic contests place a special responsibility upon the sports participants of Greenon Local Schools. His/her actions are looked upon by the community. The attitude, behavior and actions of the athlete are very important. Differences of any kind between athletes or between athlete and coach must remain private and be resolved immediately through the cooperation of the parties involved. Since the coach has been delegated the responsibility for the program, his/her determination will take precedence over individual athletes. Public displays of dissatisfaction can only harm the program and must be avoided. Serious or persistent examples of unsatisfactory attitude or behavior will not be tolerated. When an attitude problem of a serious nature persists, the coach will contact not only the parent or guardian but also the athletic director to discuss the problem and its consequences.

Penalty for conduct unbecoming:
1st offense during a calendar year.
Penalty for conduct unbecoming shall be a two-week suspension from competition. The two-week suspension will start with the first scheduled event after the occurrence of a violation.

2nd offense for conduct unbecoming:
Penalty for conduct unbecoming shall be loss of privilege to participate in Athletic programs until the beginning of the new calendar year.

It is the position of Greenon Local Schools and the Greenon Board of Education that hazing activities of any type are inconsistent with the educational process and shall be prohibited. Under no circumstances will hazing be tolerated. Hazing is defined as any act that injures, degrades, disgraces or tends to injure, degrades, or disgrace any student or a member of the school staff.

*No student athlete shall participate in any form of hazing.
**Such action will result in out of school suspension and/or possible removal from the team depending on the severity.

The use of profanity and obscenity lowers the respect to which a student is held by his colleagues and inevitably lowers his own self-respect and morale. It is looked upon as evidence of disrespect. As a team member, you will not be permitted to use either.
Team members will be dealt with as prescribed by team and/or coaches’ policies.

No student who is a member of a Greenon Local School athletic team can have possession of, or be using tobacco, smokeless tobacco, snuff or any look-a-like non-tobacco products.

Penalty for use
1st offense
during a calendar year.
Penalty for such violation shall be a two-week suspension from competition. The two-week suspension will start with the first scheduled event after the occurrence of a violation.

2nd offense during a calendar year.
Penalty for such violation shall be loss of privilege to participate in Athletic programs until the beginning of the new calendar year. Before a student can be reinstated an assessment in a school approved smoking alternative program must be completed.

In order to be eligible for reinstatement after any suspension, a conference must be held between the student, the coach, Principal, and the Athletic Director. The student must submit a letter to the Athletic Director requesting reinstatement and explaining what has been done to rectify the violation. After completion of the conference, a decision will be made by school officials whether reinstatement should be confirmed. If a student is not reinstated, the parents of the student will be notified by letter of the decision and the rationale behind it.

No student who is a member of the Athletic Program shall have possession of, or be using, or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other illegal substances. In addition, the possession of drug/alcohol paraphernalia shall be treated as a violation of this policy.

1st offense during a calendar school year. Penalty for such violation shall be a two-week suspension from competition plus mandatory assessment in a school approved drug/alcohol program. The two-week suspension will start with the first scheduled event after the occurrence of a violation.

2nd offense during a calendar school year.
Penalty for such violation shall be loss of privilege to participate in Athletic programs for the remainder of the academic school year. The student may be allowed to return earlier upon recommendation of the athletic department and approval of the Board of Education.

3rd offense during a calendar school year
Penalty for such violation shall be potential elimination to participate in Athletic programs for the remainder of his/her high school career. In addition to loss of eligibility, students are subject to all penalties, including suspension or expulsion from school, applicable to Greenon Local School District students pursuant to the Athletic Code of Conduct.

In order to be eligible for reinstatement after any suspension, a conference must be held between the student, the coach, Principal, and the Athletic Director. The student must submit a letter to the Athletic Director requesting reinstatement and explaining what has been done to rectify the violation. After completion of the conference, a decision will be made by school officials whether reinstatement should be confirmed. If a student is not reinstated, the parents of the student will be notified by letter of the decision and the rationale behind it.

Due Process is a broad constitutional concept relating to substance and procedure. Due Process includes the following:
*being informed of charges and evidence
*being given the opportunity to present one’s case
*having the right of appeal

A student who has been determined to be ineligible may appeal that decision within five days. The order of appeal shall be as follows:
1. Athletic Director or Principal within five days following the meeting with the coach.
2. Superintendent of Schools within five days following the meeting with the Principal.
3. Request to appear before the Greenon Board of Education.

During the suspension period, the athlete shall observe all training rules. The athlete will attend all practices while on athletic suspension. In all cases where in-school or out-or-school suspensions are involved, the rules governing practice and participation in these circumstances will take precedence.

Students are not allowed to practice or participate in contests while serving out-of-school suspensions.

The Greenon Local Athletic Committee has two purposes:
1) Athletic Handbook Revision
2) Advisory assistance in athletic-related matters
3) Recommended membership is:
*Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent
*High School Principal, Chairperson
*Middle School Principal or designee
*Athletic Director
*One Boy’s Sport Coach
*One Girl’s Sport coach
*Athletic Booster President or designee
*Board of Education Member
*Student Athlete
*One Teacher
*One Parent

The Greenon Local Athletic Committee shall report to the Board of Education as needed. Athletic
Committee meetings are open to anyone who wishes to participate and will be announced as needed.

ATTENDANCE - (Greenon Junior/Senior H.S.)
Any student who is tardy to school or leaves the building early must be in attendance for at least three academic class periods in order to be eligible to practice and/or play in a contest that day/evening. These absences must qualify as excused absences. Excused absences are outlined in the school’s attendance matrix. Any student whose absence is unexcused may not participate in a practice/contest on the afternoon, evening, or weekend of such absence. Any student who is suspended out of school may not participate in a practice/contest/awards Ceremony until the day after such suspension is over. Any student assigned to ALC or Thursday School may attend/participate in daily activities at their coaches’ discretion. All student athletes need to refer to the attendance matrix found in the Greenon
Junior/Senior High School Student Handbook.

It is the responsibility of all participants to attend all practices and contests. It is also the participant’s responsibility to be on time for all practices and contests. Acceptable absences are those excused in the main office or illness if school is not in session. In all cases, the coach should be consulted or notified. Exceptions to this rule, such as tutoring, should be pre-arranged with the coach. Unexcused absences from practice or unexcused absence from a contest may result in suspension for the season based on the
rules of the particular sport.

The Greenon Local School District establishes excellence as a standard and strives to maintain an appropriate balance between academics, athletics, and all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It is important that each student meets the following academic requirements in order to be eligible to participate in athletics, extra-curricular, or co-curricular activities in grades 7-12.

I. Students in grades 9-12 must be enrolled in the equivalent of five (5) units of credit each semester. P.E. and post secondary may not count as a unit of credit unless the post secondary institution provides proof that student is successfully participating in the class.

II. Students must meet all criteria of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (O.H.S.A.A.), Bylaw 4. (See OHSAA Student Athlete Eligibility Guide) Grades 9-12: Students must be currently enrolled in school and have passing grades in subjects which count a minimum of 5.0 credits toward graduation in the previous nine weeks grading period and at least a 1.5 GPA in all courses attempted at Greenon. Any student with two F’s is encouraged to receive tutoring as directed by their head coach. New students enrolling at Greenon must have been enrolled at a school and received passing grades in a minimum of five one-credit courses, or the equivalent, in the immediately preceding grading period. A student enrolling in ninth grade for the first time will be eligible for the first grading period of ninth grade with a minimum grade point average of 1.5 in the five core academic subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Reading) based on the fourth nine week grades earned at the middle school.

Grades 7-8: Students must be currently enrolled in school and can be failing no more than one academic or special area subject in order to be eligible for extra-curricular activities. Grades are to be monitored weekly. Summer school grades may not be used to substitute for failing grades received the final grading period of the regular school year, nor may they substitute for missing credits from the previous spring’s fourth-quarter grading period.

Transfer Students: The Greenon Local School District will use those standards set down by the Ohio High School Athletic Association to determine eligibility for any transfer student. They will be age- group appropriate and will be based on the grades received during the previous nine week period. After the initial quarter in Greenon Local Schools, that student’s eligibility will be determined according to Greenon Local Board-approved standards. Any student who was a team member at the previous school may be considered for team membership (Coach and Athletic Director) if transfer is midseason.

III. Eligibility status will be checked at the end of every grading period for grades 9-12. Any student with an “I” (incomplete) must have all work made up within two weeks from the date of the original assignment*** (as described in the Course Selection Handbook).

IV. Eligibility or ineligibility will start and end on the first Thursday following the final day of the
grading period. Participants will be eligible or ineligible to participate in Thursday’s activities.

V. The coaches of all athletic teams will be responsible to monitor the eligibility of their respective participants.

Study tables are suggested for any student/athlete who is in danger of failing (D or F) one or more classes. Head coaches will be responsible for arrangement and supervision of team study tables.

Upon the recommendation by the Head Coach and the approval of the Athletic Director, a student who has fulfilled the requirements and has finished the season in good standing, shall be awarded the appropriate award for each sport in which he/she has participated.

The following award guidelines will be followed:
Middle School
First Award – three-inch red letter (seventh grade); three-inch white letter (eighth grade). Second Award --Certificate
Statisticians - sports patch/certificate

High School
Freshman Awards - (a three-inch black on white numeral indicating the student’s prospective year of graduation.)

All freshmen will receive one set of numerals for participation. All athletes participating in a sport for the first time, regardless of grade level, will receive numerals.
Reserve Awards--four-inch black on white letter without monogram for first reserve sport; certificate of recognition for subsequent participation in reserve sports thereafter.
Any athlete that does not accumulate enough playing time to receive a Varsity letter will receive a Reserve letter.

Varsity Awards
First award—eight-inch varsity letter for first varsity sport; sport-specific pin and one chevron for each year of participation in a sport.

Second, third and fourth awards—one chevron for each year of participation in a sport.

Requirements for earning a varsity letter in the following sports is as follows:

A student shall receive a Varsity Award for cheering a varsity sport or as a member of the Competition Squad.

A student shall receive a Varsity Award for placing among the first seven in at least one-half of the meets during the regular season. Awards may be presented at the discretion of the coach and Athletic Director.

A student shall receive a Varsity Award for participating in one-half of the regular season meets or a designated point system.

A student shall receive a Varsity Award for scoring at least one-fourth the numbers of points scored as the team average for the season. Awards may be presented at the discretion of the coach and Athletic Director.

Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Wrestling

A student will receive a Varsity letter for participating in one-half of the regular season contests.

Any freshman, sophomore, Junior, or Senior who meets the playing requirements will receive a Varsity letter. This letter will be a six inch letter.

First Year Award
Student will receive a plain varsity letter with a sport appropriate pin. Each additional first year varsity award is a sport appropriate pin to be used in conjunction with the plain varsity letter already awarded.

Second Year Award
A student meeting the requirements for a second, third or fourth Varsity Award will receive an appropriately designed award designating their sport.

*Special circumstances may warrant the awarding of a Varsity letter by the coach/athletic director.

Each sport will be allowed to present a maximum of three ROYAL KNIGHT AWARDS each season to student/athletes meeting the criteria of Academic Excellence, Coach Ability, Community Service, Leadership, Sport Skill, Team Work, and Work Ethic.


Awards Program - High School
There will be awards programs for all sports seasons. These awards programs will be arranged at the discretion of head coaches for each sport. Individual achievement awards will be recognized during an in-school assembly that will be open to the public.
1. Athletes are required to attend an awards program unless the coach excuses the absence.
2. Speakers, toastmasters, and coaches shall not use profanity of any level.
3. Coaches should always be positive. Never say anything that is negative or degrading about the athletes, program records set, etc.

(For athletes and parents)
There is a chain of command that, if followed, will help resolve problems more effectively and efficiently. The athletic chain of command in the Greenon Local School District is as follows:

1. The Coach
2. The Athletic Director
3. The Building Principal
4. The Superintendent of Schools
5. The Board of Education

If you are not sure of the coach’s name or how to contact him, call the athletic office at 340-6365. The Athletic Director will: 1) advise you as to the person in the chain you should contact and give you the information you need to do so; 2) conduct an internal investigation into your concern or problem and get back with you; 3) if there is a problem in contacting the proper person, he will see that the person you are trying to reach contacts you; 4) if you so desire, set up a conference with you, the coach, himself and/or principal. The Athletic Program, Philosophy and Goals, will be used as guidelines in resolving problems. The Athletic Department wants to help in any way possible to resolve problems. Input from fans, parents and students can be beneficial in improving our athletic program and making it the best in the area.

Student athletes will not be permitted to change sports after the first game of that sport in which he/she is competing. Sport seasons are determined by the guidelines set forth by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (O.H.S.A.A.). Any student athlete who quits a sport will not be permitted to condition or work out for another sport until all members of their former team have completed their season.

Cheerleading is a team sport. An individual cheerleader’s presentation and actions reflect upon the total squad. Cheerleaders set the example for sportsmanship and school spirit. It is the task of all cheerleaders to achieve the respect, loyalty, and cooperation of the fans.

The objectives of every squad should be:
1. To promote enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, and school spirit.
2. To exhibit positive leadership and team membership skills, such as tact, understanding, cooperation, respect, responsibility, and tolerance.
3. To understand the specific sports’ rules and regulations, in order to lead the appropriate cheer for positive crowd response.
4. To recognize and display respect for the opposing team, the visiting cheerleaders, the game officials, and the spectators.

Cheerleaders must meet the same academic, residency, eligibility, and athletic guidelines stated in this manual and the team rules set down by the Cheer Advisor(s), CBC, and OHSAA guidelines.

Non-Mounting Policy
In the Greenon Local School District, pyramids and mounts are prohibited. Individuals may not stand on another’s shoulders or support another individual in any type of mount.

1. Conditioning or weight lifting programs for out-of-season athletes may be conducted only when all rules of the Ohio High School Athletic Association are followed.
2. Athletes involved in an in-season activity should not be asked to participate in a conditioning or lifting program for another sport. Any exceptions to this policy must meet with the approval of the coaches involved and the Athletic Director.
3. If there is a conflict concerning the use of facilities, first choice must be given to the in season program.
4. A coach must be present from the beginning to the end of each session. He/she must also remain in the building/on the grounds until every athlete for whom he/she is responsible has procured a ride home with a parent or another team member with whom he/she has permission to ride.

2. At the beginning of each season, the respective coach shall explain to his/her team its responsibility as it relates to equipment and facilities.
3. The head coach is responsible for the issuance and return of all equipment, the maintaining of inventory records, the reconditioning or cleaning that may be needed, and the proper storage of all equipment.
4. Athletes failing to return equipment are to be handled in the following manner:
a. The coach or equipment manager shall submit a list of his/her respective delinquent players to the
Athletic Director.
b. Each coach for the ensuing sport’s season shall be notified if his/her team has a delinquent athlete on the roster.
c. Delinquent players shall be denied any form of athletic participation, and shall have any awards or honors withheld until these obligations are cleared.
d. Student’s grades and transcripts will be held until all equipment is returned. If
Equipment is not returned, student will pay the appropriate replacement costs.
e. The Athletic Director must approve all Athletic Fund purchasing of equipment. There is to be NO purchasing of anything in the name of Greenon Local Schools unless approved by the Athletic Director.

1. When school is released early due to the weather, all practices for that night will be cancelled.
2. If school has been called off for the day, weather permitting, practices may be held but are not mandatory for athletes.
a. When school is called off due to bad weather, permission must be granted by the Superintendent before practice may be held.
b. Any such practice is of a voluntary nature. Students not attending will not be penalized.
c. Athletes must park in the area designated area in order for snow removal to be completed.
3. No required (mandatory) athletic practice sessions will be permitted on Sundays or national holidays.

1. All student-athletes must have some type of insurance coverage before they will be permitted to practice with any athletic team or cheerleading squad.
2. Most types of hospitalization insurance plans will meet this requirement. Example: Blue Cross, Blue
Shield, or school sponsored insurance.
3. An insurance form provided by the Athletic Director, as part of the pre-participation packet, must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian of each athlete and returned to the Athletic Office.
4. All high school participants are covered by the Ohio High School Athletic Association Catastrophic Insurance Policy. This policy provides protection should costs range from $5,000 to $100,000.

Any student interested in participating in more than one sport during that season must meet with the Principal. Dual Participation application paperwork can be picked up in the Athletic Office. The process will be explained by the Athletic Director. Each case will be dealt with on a case by-case basis. Permission from the Principal, Athletic Director, and the Coaches involved is mandatory.

The Greenon Local School District believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of the student. The Greenon Local Schools Athletic Program should provide a variety of experiences to enhance the development of positive student habits and attitudes that will prepare them for adult life in a democratic society.
Athletics should function as an integral part of the total curriculum. It should offer opportunities to serve the institution, to assist in the development of positive relationships and good will, to promote self- realization, all-around growth and good citizenship qualities.

Athletics plays an important part in the life of Greenon Local Schools. Young people learn a great deal from participation in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are integral parts of our athletic program.
Athletic competition also plays an important part in helping students develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition also improves school spirit and helps students develop pride in their school.

The interscholastic athletic program shall be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies, rules and regulations. While the Board of Education takes great pride in winning, it does not condone winning at any cost” and discourages any and all pressures which might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health. At all times, the athletic program must be conducted in such a way as to justify it as an educational activity.

1. To offer the best possible sport instruction to students.
2. To continue the professional evaluation procedure currently in place.
3. To strive for stability (length of position/tenure).
4. To implement the following chain-of-command for parent contact, positive or negative: Coach – A.D. – Principal – Superintendent – Board of Education
5. To encourage media coverage.
6. To improve relationships between coaches through such means as:
a. Pre-season orientation of parents
b. Community youth organization/school sessions c. Sport clinics/camps
d. Meet-the-Team nights
e. Senior/parent/grandparent nights/other recognition games or contests f. Athletic handbooks
g. Career/scholarship information
7. To provide head coaches with the opportunity to participate in the interview and selection process of assistant and middle school coaches.
8. To achieve to one’s potential or to a team’s potential. This is as much an objective in athletics as it is in academics. Such performances within the boundaries of fair-play and good sportsmanship will result in a winning program at all levels. Staff members should have these goals for their sports. We expect staff members to lead students in finding their potential and learning the value of teamwork.
9. To encourage and support student athletes in the pursuit of excellence in their academic as well as athletic endeavors.

1. Provide quality coaches who understand our athletic philosophy and value all of the individuals on their teams.
2. Work cooperatively with other schools to provide appropriate competition for our athletes.
3. Be aware of, and enforce rules and regulations of the Ohio High School Athletic Association
(OHSAA) and the Central Buckeye Conference (CBC).
4. Provide recognition for those who qualify for certificates, letters or awards.

1. Takes responsibility for clearance and eligibility.
2. Treats coaches, officials, teammates and opponents, with respect.
3. Puts forth his/her best effort in practices and contests.
4. Attends all practices and contests unless clear and timely permission has been granted by the coach to be absent.
5. Does not try to intimidate others or use “trash talk”.
6. Remembers that it is a privilege to represent all Greenon Local Schools in athletics.
7. Attends and positively participates in all scheduled practices.
8. Communicates effectively with the coach and teammates.
9. Refrains from conversations that foster dissension.

1. Treats other coaches, players, officials and parents, with respect.
2. Follows OHSAA, CBC and Greenon Local School policies and philosophies.
3. Prepares his/her team to the best of his/her ability.
4. Is fair and impartial in dealing with the athletes in his/her program.
5. Is a good role model for his/her athletes particularly in regard to self-control and makes sure that winning is considered in an educational setting.
6. Makes himself/herself available for a conference to answer questions or discuss issues. This meeting should not be immediately before or after a practice or a contest.

1. Goes to the head coach for any purchases for son/daughter’s team.
2. Treats other parents, athletes, coaches and officials, with respect.
3. Respects the decisions and judgments of the coaches and officials even though the parents do not agree with the decisions.
4. Sets an appointment to talk with the coach about questions or issues. Does not approach the coach
immediately before, during or after a practice or a contest.
5. Supports, encourages and does whatever they can to allow the athlete to attend practices fully prepared.
6. Does not put pressure on their son/daughter to win or be an All-Star.
7. Remains positive in their comments about their own athlete, other athletes, their coach and the program.
8. Reads and understands OHSAA and Greenon Local School rules and regulations in this handbook.
9. Is a good role model for son/daughter by positively supporting the players, coaches and officials?
10. Leaves coaching of the team, (i.e. starting assignments, positions, playing time and level of play such as freshman, J.V. or Varsity) to the coaching staff.

Communication you should expect from your athlete’s coach
1. Coaching philosophy and criteria for earning a varsity letter.
2. Expectations regarding such things as attendance at practice, attitude, effort, academics, requirements for a letter or participation certificate, special equipment need.
3. Location and times of practices and contests.
4. Team activities, i.e. off-season conditioning and camps, meetings, etc.
5. Process for determining starting lineup, playing time and cuts, if applicable.
6. Responsibility for gear issued.
7. Rules and regulations not covered in the Athletic Code of Conduct and consequences for breaking rules.
Communication coach expects from parents
1. Concerns expressed directly to the coach FIRST.
2. Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance (i.e. vacations and trips).
3. Specific concern in regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations.
Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches
1. The treatment of your child, mentally and physically.
2. Ways to help your child improve.
3. Concerns about your child’s behavior. Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches
1. Playing time (player and coach discuss).
2. Team strategy
3. Play calling.
4. Matters pertaining to other athletes.
Procedures to be followed regarding concerns parents or athletes have with the coach
1. Call the coach or speak to them about setting up an appointment.
2. If the coach cannot be reached, call the Athletic Office (340-6365) to have a date set up with the coach.
3. Please DO NOT attempt to confront to coach before or after a practice or game.
THE NEXT STEP: what can a parent do if the meeting with the coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution?
1. Call and set up an appointment with the Athletic Director to discuss the situation.

Physicals are the responsibility of the student athlete, not the school district. Whenever possible, arrangements may be made for mass physicals prior to the start of a new school year. No student athlete will be allowed to participate in ANY activity sponsored by Greenon Local Schools without a current physical on file in the Greenon Athletic Office. All paperwork can be picked up at the Athletic Office, OHSAA official Web site, or Greenon Local Schools Web site.

Per O.H.S.A.A.

1. Physical Exam Forms for participants in grades 7-12 shall be signed by a physician, the participant, and by a parent or guardian and must be on file in the Athletic Office before any candidate for a team may participate in a practice. These forms necessitate the physician’s certification of the individual’s physical fitness no less than once each year. If a student athlete transfers to another school, the Physical Examination Forms may be requested to be transferred to the new school. Section 3313.712 of the Ohio Revised Code reads in part as follows: “This section does not require any school child to receive a medical examination or receive medical treatment whose parent or guardian objects thereto.” A form certifying this objection shall be signed by the parent or guardian and attached to the Parental
Approval Form.
2. Emergency Medical Release Forms must be filled out by the participants, signed by the parents, and be in the coach’s possession at all practices and/or events.
3. Insurance Waiver and Assumption of Risks Forms
4. Student and Parent Sportsmanship Pledges
5. Student/Athlete Handbook Acknowledgement of Extra-curricular Code Form
Athletes should consult their coaches in regard to the Ohio High School Athletic Association rules pertaining to post-season games or practice in their particular sport.



1. Sunday and holiday practices or contests are discouraged.
2. Sunday or holiday practices may be approved when unusual circumstances dictate a need. a. Approval must be granted by the Principal/Athletic Director.
b. Sunday practice is of a voluntary nature. Students not attending will not be penalized.
3. Student athletes who will miss practices or contests because of a vacation or trip which is to be taken with their parents must inform the coach well in advance of their planned absence. Any student going on a trip without their immediate family but with family approval must notify their coach before try-outs or the first day of legal practices to discuss any possible consequences. Coaches’ discretion (team rules)
will dictate any disciplinary action.
4. The missing of practices or contests due to reasons other than family commitments, illness, or other extenuating circumstances will be considered unexcused absences (and may lead to dismissal from the team).

School buses must be used to transport athletes to and from games unless the Principal/Athletic Director approves other means. Coaches are required to accompany athletes on the buses. Transportation requests will be handled by the Athletic Director and Head Coach. The only exception would be if a coach would release the participant directly to a parent of the student with a pre-approved form (found in Athletic Office). This note must be signed by the Principal, parents and coach and returned to the coach prior to the event for final approval by the Athletic Director.

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