Greenon FFA: Greenon Student Teacher

Greenon FFA: Greenon Student Teacher
Posted on 01/31/2023

Written By: Allie Hundley 

Edited By: Sydney Hartley

This year in our agriculture class we have been fortunate enough to have Mr. Roth as our student teacher. He is from Ohio State’s ag program. He started coming every day on January 3rd 2023 when we came back from winter break. He plans lesson plans and also guides us through any project, activity, or any other class work. Right now in Mechanical Principles he is teaching us all about plumbing. Including our PVC project that we have to create. He also has attended CDE events and National Convention. He has helped all of us grow as ag students, but overall he has helped our chapter grow together. We are even more educated in the agriculture world because of his teaching and involvement in this year. 

I was able to sit down and ask Mr. Roth some questions regarding agriculture and teaching. Here were his responses.

What do you like most about Greenon? 

The students; getting to know all of the kids and their personalities.

What advice do you have about students going into college?

Use your resources (scholarships, guidance counselors, etc.) and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What made you want to major in agriculture? 

“I want to be able to inspire the future agriculturalists.”

What made you decide to attend OSU? 

When he visited he said “I thought it was my fit.” He also said he has worked a lot on campus and has used his resources to be successful. 

What do you like most about teaching ag? 

“I like seeing the light bulb turn on for students. I love when I teach something and then I see them grasp on to it. It is really rewarding, makes me feel like I am doing my job.”

Has student teaching been what you expected? 

“Yes and more” just a month in he didn’t know what to expect. “It has been really helpful to build relationships with the students. Mrs. Casto has also been helpful with advice and other helpful tips.”

What are you most excited about after college? 

“Excited to see all of the connections I’ll make and all of the students I will inspire.”

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