Greenon FFA Promotes Time Management Skills

Greenon FFA Promotes Time Management Skills
Posted on 11/04/2020
Being a part of FFA requires members to have good time management.Written By: Makenna Taylor (President)  Edited By: Morgan Paulus (Reporter) 
Being a part of FFA requires members to have good time management. Whether it’s being an officer, selling fruit, doing shop projects, or participating in CDE’s, FFA members have to have a lot on their plates. The key to getting all of your work done on time is good time management. This might sound hard, especially if you’re involved in sports or have a job, but with a little bit of focus, you can relieve the stress of falling behind.
My name is Makenna Taylor, and I am a senior here at Greenon. I am also the FFA president. This requires a big commitment to FFA. I am also involved in volleyball, track, Spanish Honors Society, Student Body, National Honors Society, and have a job at Chick-Fil-A. This may seem like a lot to balance, especially while having a full school schedule with advanced classes, but I have learned some techniques that have helped me manage my time while maintaining a high GPA.
Communicate with your teachers, coaches, and boss, that you have a busy schedule. By being vocal about what you are involved in, and what time you have certain activities, they can help you by giving you homework early, letting you have certain days off from work, and let you work on homework during games.
Using class time wisely will allow you to complete most of your work while at school. This makes less of a workload when you get home. Try to complete homework during downtime in other classes, studyhalls, or lunch.
Knowing your schedule will help you find free periods throughout your day. If you know you have practice right after school, do your homework as soon as you get home. By knowing your schedule, you can also insure you will be where you are needed on time.
Planning ahead will allow you to make sure you don’t have work on a day you have a game or a club activity. If you know you have something to do all day Thursday and the project is due Friday, do a little bit of the project each day, so you will finish it before Thursday night.
Participating in activities is fun, but being stressed about time management is not. If you would like more information on how you can manage your time better, feel free to search the internet!

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