Who or what is the OSFC?

A closer look at the Ohio School Facilities Commission Under the plan proposed by the Greenon Local School District Board of Education, the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) has agreed to be a co-partner with the District as it pursues a proposed new Primary/Elementary School on the current Indian Valley Site and the Jr. High/High School site on the current Greenon High School Site.  

What's more, the OSFC has guaranteed $22.5 million in funding for the project!

But who exactly is the OSFC, and what to they do?  This page will provide information about what the OSFC is, what its mission is, and how the partnership with the Greenon Local School District will help to bring about state of the art educational facilities in the Greenon Local School District.

About OSFC
The Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) administers the state’s comprehensive Kindergarten through 12th Grade public school construction program. The agency helps school districts fund, plan, design, and build or renovate schools.

By the Numbers
As of January 1, 2012, the Commission had opened 919 new or renovated buildings and had completely addressed the facilities needs of 214 districts across the state.

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OSFC Publications

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Ohio School Design Manual

What Is The Ohio School Design Manual (OSDM)?

The OSDM is an extensive document that sets construction standards for all Commission-funded projects.  The OSDM was developed in 1997 to provide adaptable guidelines for school facilities design and construction. Its goal is to ensure statewide equity and quality for school facilities as required by Section 3318.091 of the Revised Code.  

The OSDM update is presented yearly for Commission approval.

OSDM overview

2012 OSDM Manual Link

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